Subscription Regular on Monthly Discount Yearly F&F ( prelaunch )
$1.99 Add to cart  After NOV 30th 2017 Till NOV 30th 2017
One Year $23.88 $20 $15 Add to cart
Two Year $47.76 $40 $25 Add to cart
Three Year $71.64 $60 $35 Add to cart
Four Year $95.52 $80 $45 Add to cart
Five Year $119.40 $100 $55 Add to cart
 Raffles X Many Raffles and freebies Many Raffles and freebies
 Memberships X X Free Memberships offers
 Shows X X Free Tickets to selected shows
Offers X X Long Term Offers 
 Analysis  x Discounted Paid Health Analysis Free Health Analysis twice a year
 Free Herbs  x  X Free selected  Herbs once a year



Free trial

Available to new customers upon account activation. One per customer. Online customers Must provide email address and credit card.Trial will end on 03/03/2018 or upon cancellation if subscription is cancelled prior to this date. Your account will be authorized to receive programming upon your first login. 

In person or Cash Subscribers 
The customers purchase the subscription in an event and or in person promotion or sales can login here and enter their Receipt number while login for the First time . There after their details along with will be captured and their subscriptions will reflect on their account . The credit cart will not be charged.


After free trial your credit card will be charged monthly for applicable subscription until you cancel your service.


Cancel by calling 1 (888) 666-0998. Programming fees are charged monthly in advance and no credits or refunds will be issued for partial or prepaid months after cancellation.

Streaming limitations

The number of devices on which SEHAT TV content can be watched at the same time varies based on the Sling service. If you subscribe to our SEHAT  TV  service, you can enjoy one stream at a time. Any extras you add to your SEHAT TV  service will be included in your single stream. If you subscribe to our RAPID TV  service, you can enjoy up to three streams of these channels at the same time. Any extras you add to your RAPID TV  will be included in your three streams. . To get extra streams, go to the My Account page and make sure that you add the number of devices .


Certain programs may be unavailable due to programmer restrictions or blackouts. Only available within the United States. State and local taxes apply. All prices, fees, charges, services, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice.

*** Note: None of these offers are permanents .All These offers can be changed without prior Notice .