Ashwin Menon is a seasoned technology executive, leader, and strategist with over 12 years experience in the telecommunication industry. He has over the years been able to take an unhealthy product or service and turn it around with lower cost basis.

But more than being an engineer, Ashwin has been a leader who trains and influences top and lower ranking people for complex projects. What really makes Ashwin fulfilled is whenever he sees his team get a breakthrough in any complex project. Building on every breakthrough, he always strives to achieve success again while improving on past success.

Ashwin began his career as an engineer with Spirent Communications where, he was able to design, develop, and deploy quality assurance and calibration processes for complex products that enabled early detection of product faults and ensured an on-time delivery to the customer.

He was subsequently promoted to be the Reliability Group Engineer where he helped the company increase its savings of around $2 million when he designed and developed process improvement in coordination with vendors that helped reduce component defect rate from 70% to 15%. He was again recognized with an Excellence award for this feat.

During his last three years working with Ericsson Inc., Ashwin has fed his insatiable interest in the telecommunication industry with involvement in the business development around cloud related projects.

Ashwin Menon ultimate goal is to help small and new businesses to grow, using his wealth of expertise and commitment to support and help small businesses succeed. He will serve as adviser GAYATRI COMMUNICATIONS